After a splendid display from Barcelona, they successfully knocked out Manchester United from the Champions league to advance to the semifinals after three years not being present.

Three long years were Barcelona were eliminated by Atletico Madrid, Juventus, and the most surprising of them all Roma. Barcelona successfully eliminates Manchester United 4-0 on aggregate.

It was an amazing performance by everyone who contributed to today’s performance. Messi scoring two goals was the star of the show that now puts him as the goalscorer of the tournament with 10 goals in the competition. Coutinho also would leave his mark by scoring the third goal of the game with a beautiful curler that was impossible for David De Gea to stop.

Photo: GettyImages

Barcelona will find out who their next opponent will be, which will be decided between Liverpool and Porto. Where Liverpool has a two goal lead against the Portuguese side.

Step by step, Barcelona are achieving their season goals. With La Liga almost clinched, and already waiting for the Copa del Rey Final, Barcelona must pass through the semifinals and beat the other team in the UEFA Champions League Final to complete their Triplete. Achieving this will help gain even more their confidence for the upcoming season.

Messi back at the beginning of the season would get everyone talking with this statement:

Last season was really good as we did the double but we all felt bad about how it went in the Champions League.” He continued, “We promise that this season we will do all we can to bring that trophy back to Camp Nou.”

Messi then led the crowd with the famous chant of “Visca el Barça i Visca Catalunya!” before leaving the pitch right before the Joan Gamper game started.

Barcelona, this season will enjoy the semifinals with a really tough opponent ahead. Liverpool or Porto will both be challenging to face, and looking to spoil the Catalan’s dream.