Major League Soccer is Back in Town

With less than two days for another edition of Major League Soccer; What can we expect from this year that will be different from last season? With the start of the 24th edition of Major League Soccer, an exciting season filled with goals, controversy, laughs, records to break, this one is sure not to be missed at all.

With the addition of FC Cincinnati as one of the expansions teams of the league, it has brought it now to 24 teams in Major League Soccer. The New York Red Bulls are looking to finally clinch that MLS Trophy this year having previously won the 2018 Supporter’s Shield. Atlanta United FC is looking once again to make history as they are wanting to re-conquer the MLS Trophy.

This season is ought to be a good one, with key players leaving some teams such as David Villa (NYCFC), Miguel Almiron (Atlanta United FC), Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC), etc. Among these key players, many others left to look for more opportunities, stronger challenges, and other reasons out of Major League Soccer.


Many players, also decided to join the MLS, such popular players like Marco Fabian (Philadelphia Union), Nani (Orlando City), Pity Martinez (Atlanta United), etc. These players will have their first minutes here in the MLS. Showcasing many skills, these players will look to make constant impacts to bring their teams closer to MLS Glory.

The MLS is growing, and it’s not going to stop growing. With other teams already looking to join in the upcoming years, teams such as Nashville SC, Inter Miami FC led by David Beckham, joining the league next year, and another Texan team with the introduction of Austin FC in 2021.

The MLS will sure bring lots of excitement to anyone who desires to follow it, they will not be disappointed. Given the good results of some of the representatives in the MLS in this year’s CONCACAF Champions League, this season might bring some great surprises for American soccer.


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