In an amazing semifinal clash, Croatia would face England in a much exciting game.

Everything seemed as England could have a spot in the final from an early goal by Kieran Trippier in the fifth minute.

Croatia, on the other hand, would not give up so easily to the English, Ivan Perišić would go on to score the equalizer at the 68th minute of the game, just as Croatia was the clear dominant in the game.

90 minutes we’re not enough doe these two to capitalize a winning goal, they would go on to go to extra time. In the fifth minute of the second extra half with a brilliant header from Ivan Perišić inside the English area, he would assist Mario Manžukić to score the winning goal and turn it around on England.


This is the first time Croatia will participate in the World Cup Final, having successfully beating Denmark, hosts Rusia and now England. They will meet against France for a chance on lifting the World Cup trophy for the first time in history.

This Croatian squad is one to stand up and clap for them as they have won the hearts of many, and fully deserve the respect of everyone. It is a squad that has worked really hard to be where they wanted to be.

Who knows what will happen Sunday but surely this Croatian squad will be remembered for centuries to come.