Following Germany’s elimination in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, we take a look back at previous winners who left in the group stage the following tournament.

France in 1998 sure showed Brazil how to keep the title in European land, but it wasn’t enough when France traveled to the 2002 World Cup. France out of nine possible points they only gained one point against Uruguay to a scoreless draw. Having lost against Senegal 1-0 in their opening match, and losing 2-0 against Denmark. These results would leave them out of the World Cup, Brazil would go on to win their fifth World Cup against Germany.


Italy beating all of the odds eliminated Germany in 2006 and went on to win the World Cup beating France in a penalty shootout. Italy in 2010 would be eliminated in a well predicted easy group, they would finish last. Two 1-1 draws against Paraguay and New Zealand made them need a win against Slovakia. The stage was set for Italy, they would go on to lose the game 3-2 which saw them only getting two points out of nine.

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Spain after an amazing goal by Andres Iniesta they conquered the 2010 World Cup against the Netherlands at extra time. Spain would go down to Brazil in 2014 and got to face against the Netherlands again, this time Iniesta didn’t save them. The Netherlands would win 5-1 against Spain. It was a major shocker that that result happened. Chile also did their job and beat Spain 2-0 mathematically eliminating Spain with two consecutive losses. The would only get three points after they beat Australia 3-0.

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Following Germany’s elimination, a new champion will be crowned. Who will it be? Make sure to leave your say in the comments and Twitter! Enjoy the world cup, my friends, as it’s full of surprises.