World Cup Champs Stunned by Mexico in Opening Game

Another amazing day for a World Cup day, the unexpected happened! After constant comments from everyone as to how many goals could Germany score against Mexico, but Hirving El Chucky Lozano had another idea.

Mexico quickly pressed forward against the Germans, they quickly ran out of spaces to gain control of the game.

After a great counter-attack led by Javier Chicharito Hernandez, he went on to pass the ball to El Chucky who made a quick cut back against Mesüt Ozil, who couldn’t stop the 22-year-old making it 1-0 in the 35th minute.


Toni Kross had a chance for an equalizer with a free kick minutes after Lozano’s opener but was denied by Memo Ochoa who made an impressive save.

Chance after chance the Germans could not find the space they were looking for. Rafael Marquez made history as he made his 5th straight World Cup appearance.

Mexico played an amazing game defeating the World Cup champs. More to come these upcoming days.

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