A Bit of Luck Will do the Job

On France’s opener match against Australia, everything on the game sheet seemed like this one would be just an easy match despite the difference in quality of players.

Money wise, with France having the most expensive squad in the whole World Cup, you would think this could end in a 5-0 result in favor for France. Australia didn’t see it that way as they played an amazing game fighting for every chance they could get on the ball. They made things very difficult for Les Bleus.

Goals made by the VAR decision Antoine Griezmann scored the opening goal of the match at the 58th minute. A basketball move done by Sam Umtiti have an opportunity for the Socceroos through Jedinak who also score via PK in the 62nd minute of the match. Goal-Line technology decided the second goal by Pogba taking a deflection on the Australian defender decided the game winner, and second goal of the game.

Photo: Benjamin Cremel/AFP/Getty Images

Les Bleus won, but they didn’t convince as much. With this outstanding performance done by the Socceroos they surely won’t go down easy in their group.

More to come in today’s World Cup action, until next time.

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