Curse of Champions

Following Germany’s elimination in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, we take a look back at previous winners who left in the group stage the following tournament. France in 1998 sure showed Brazil how to keep the title in European land, but it wasn't enough when France traveled to the 2002 World Cup. France out of... Continue Reading →


Argentina Stunned to a 1-1 Draw!

Just as early today in the France vs Australia game, Argentina would not leave very convincing against Iceland. In the first half we saw a very calm Argentina squad passing the ball from side to side looking for a gap in the Icelandic defense, a goal came with a good effort at the 19th minute... Continue Reading →

A Bit of Luck Will do the Job

On France's opener match against Australia, everything on the game sheet seemed like this one would be just an easy match despite the difference in quality of players. Money wise, with France having the most expensive squad in the whole World Cup, you would think this could end in a 5-0 result in favor for... Continue Reading →

Day 2: 90 Minutes of Goals

With the second day from the 2018 FIFA World Cup, we saw a lot of things happening unto now. We saw a very dominant Russian side against a confused Saudi Arabia side for the opening match of this World Cup edition. On the second day, we saw three different games with excellent results. Some unexpected... Continue Reading →

FC Dallas Beat the Heat and LAFC

Frisco, Tx- On a hot and humid evening with temperatures reaching over 97°F. FC Dallas would face LAFC for the first time at Toyota Stadium. Things would quickly pick up with a good dominance from the FC Dallas side. On a set piece play after a series of rebounds, Swiss defender Reto Ziegler would open up... Continue Reading →

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