Atlético De Madrid Champions of Europa League!

“Don’t touch it, and don’t look at it.” That’s what the saying is to all players who are about to dispute a final when coming out of the tunnel, as it can bring bad luck. Of course,  this was the case after Marseille captain, Dimitri Payet, touched the Europa League Trophy as they were coming out to the field.

Dimitri Payet Touching the Europa League Trophy/ Picture by CBS Sports

During the first half of the game, everything went downhill for Marseille, starting off with a definite chance that would be missed by the French side.  At the 32nd minute of the game, a considerable blow would come for Marseille as their captain, Dimitri Payet, would pick up an injury and would walk out limping in tears as his Europa League run was over.

Antoine Griezmann Consoling Payet after his Injury/ Picture by Europa League

A great display from the Spaniards saw them dominate the French throughout the game, as Antoine Griezmann made two incredible goals at the 21st and 49th minute. Marseille came close with an 80th-minute header from Kostas Mitroglou to cut the lead short, but his header would hit the post. With a 90th-minute strike from Gabi, Atletico would clinch a 3-0 win against Olympique De Marseille. With the 3-0 victory in favor, Los Colchoneros are this year’s champions of the UEFA Europa League.

Goal from Antoine Griezmann for the 2-0/ Picture by AFP

With this victory, Atlético has tied Sevilla for all-time championships in Europa League, equalizing three times each. Atlético will now face the winner between city rivals Real Madrid or Liverpool this upcoming August.

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