Santos, Campéon de La Liga MX!

Con una nueva edición de una final del fútbol Mexicano, la final fue entre los Diablos rojos del Toluca contra el Santos Laguna. Un partido donde era ganar o ganar, el empate de 3-3 en el global solamente llevaba a los tiempos extra y posiblemente a la tanda de penales. Un duelo donde estadísticamente favorecía... Continue Reading →


More than Legends

With the current departures of Fernando Torres, Gigi Buffon, and Andrés Iniesta. These are players, whose paths will never be forgotten. Everyone is sure sad, and bummed out of the situation as these will player will no longer be on these teams. Seeing them grow over the years as athletes, leaders, and individuals, they all have... Continue Reading →

El Clásico, What We Wanted to See

With a new edition of El Clásico. Real Madrid ought to search on how to take away that undefeated record from Barcelona. With Barcelona, already champions of La Liga and very little to play for, surely this game would bring us much excitement throughout the 90 minutes of the game. Just at the tenth minute,... Continue Reading →

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