What to Expect from Corinthians This Season

O Time do Povo (The People’s Club) is one of the best well known teams throughout the world, with yet their biggest accomplishment when they defeated Chelsea 1-0 in the 2012 FIFA Club World Cup that was held in Japan.

Corinthians has had some ups and downs in their previous season, failing to participate in the Copa Bridgestone Libertadores. They participated in the Copa Sudamericana, being later eliminated by Racing Club de Avellaneda in the Round of 16. Failing to reach the knockout stage of the Copa do Brasil, they were eliminated by Internacional de Porto Alegre; although they did have some victory laps when they won the Paulistão, and the Brasileirão.

This current 2018 season has been filled with high expectations, as they can win back to back championships for the Paulistão when they face bitter rivals Palmeiras in the Paulista Derby. Corinthians are holding on to that first place of their Copa Libertadores group, as they will face Club Atlético Independiente from Argentina next 18th of April. As the Brasileirão has yet to start, I see Corinthians being in the top 3 at the end of the season. Although hard, it is not impossible to win the tournament this season.

My expectation for their season is to win it all (of course), but looking at reality, they have a lot of work to do if they want to achieve that. Fabio Carille has much to get done for this team to taste sweet victory. Depth in attack will be essential with the recent departure of Jô to Japanese side Nagoya Grampus; so, someone will need to step up. I personally think Angel Romero is the man for that duty. Although he plays a different position, he can make a big impact at any time during the match. Defensively, Corinthians has had some struggle with the current departure of Guilherme Arana to Sevilla; in which they lost some defensive tactics conceding 12 goals in just 11 matches, from both the Paulistão and Libertadores combined.

Corinthians has the talent that any coach would want in their team, with both young and experienced players. I think they will be able to finish the season with at least two trophies, one being possibly the Paulistão, and the other I think will be the Copa do Brasil.

People, place your bets! May the end of the season tell me otherwise.

Picture: Daniel Augusto Jr/Agência Corinthians

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